Elvira Seminara Elvira Seminara

Excuse my dust

  • (Scusate la polvere)
  • pages: 212 - 12 x 16,5
  • published: 01/06/2011
  • series: fiction
Elvira Seminara Elvira Seminara


Coscienza (Consciousness in Italian) is a forty-five year old woman with an incredible imagination and a remarkable intellectual curiosity, though she lacksany practical sense. So, in order to avoid any pragmatic issues and live in a purely theoretical world she works as a ghost-writer for university theses. She has a great sense of humour and suggests toher students odd and funny subjects of research like Post-feminist economy: pie and men exchange in Desperate Housewives or The History of humour from Pirandello to Mr Bean. Her humour and her imagination also characterise her vision of life and the people she knows. So when her husband Andrea dies in a road accident with a woman who was likely to be his lover, Coscienza transforms her mourning process into an extemporised investigation of her husband’s past and a hilarious self-examination of her life. She describes herself as Lauren Bacall, yet smaller and with glasses, and pretends that one of his students resembles Humphrey Bogart (yet fatter and with glasses too!). Her best friends comfort her widowhood: Alice, ex-interior designer who defines herself as an “architect of the soul”, and who is now a dog counsellor, and Mia, a successful caterer of “aesthetic food”. In addition to this eccentric company, Coscienza has to deal with her mother livingin Paris, who is always mixing up French and Italianand continually forgetting Andrea’s death. Through all this chaos of events and characters Coscienza’s life is completely disrupted, but in the end she will find out that sometimes reality is more surprising and reassuring than imagination. Excuse my dust is a brilliant comedy of misunderstandings, both dark and tender, providing snapshots of contemporary society. It could easily find itself as a worth contribution to the finetradition of American literature for women.



Sefsara (Arabic)


Finalist of Adapt Lab 2012 selection (A new book-to-screen adaptation programme realised by Torino FilmLab in collaboration with Salone Internazionale del Libro – Torino)


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