Elvira Seminara Elvira Seminara

The end of the world but one

  • (La penultima fine del mondo)
  • pages: 124 - 12 x 16,5
  • published: 01/06/2013
Elvira Seminara Elvira Seminara


In a small village on the island, with its river, parish priest and open air cafés, a man suddenly throws himself off a terrace with a smile on his face. He is followed by a woman, a man and numerous other people; men and women of all ages all without any apparent reason. They do not so much take their lives as exit from life itself, smiling. Why do they do it? The enquiry takes all kind of turns, from a poisoned environment to satanic forces. The village attracts the attention of the international press as well as a metaphysical interest where all is real, yet unexplainable. A descent into the underworld in a kind of modern apocalypse with a surprise ending.


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