Alfonso Berardinelli Alfonso Berardinelli

Reading is a risk

  • (Leggere è un rischio)
  • pages: 72 - 10,5 x 14,8
  • published: 01/10/2012
Alfonso Berardinelli Alfonso Berardinelli


The act of book-reading is becoming more and more at risk. Books as we have known and used them for centuries may even be on their way out of our lives. What counts though is not simply reading: the question is choosing what to read and how to read it. If reading is one of the pillars of our idea of culture, this means that by abstracting our mind from the world that surrounds it, we keep alive a huge wealth of experience, knowledge, dreams and memories. A written text is “dead literature” if no one reads it. In this latest essay Alfonso Berardinelli, one of Italy’s most controversial and most brilliant critics and essayists, explores the risk from the point of view of the reader. Reading is an experience; it is an adventure that can shake our identity and our certainties, revealing something we did not know about ourselves. “And the greatest risk is that the readers themselves become writers”.


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