Maria Pace Ottieri e Carol Gaiser Carol Gaiser, Maria Pace Ottieri

Promise you won't die

  • (Promettimi di non morire)
  • pages: 264 - 14x20
  • published: 01/05/2013
Carol Gaiser Carol Gaiser
Maria Pace Ottieri Maria Pace Ottieri


In the Sixties, Carol, a beautiful American girl, arrives in Rome on a scholarship; she is smart, witty and writes poetry and prose. She meets Alberto Moravia who introduces her to the Roman art and literary scene. On a trip to Spoleto with Moravia and Pasolini, Carol meets Silvana Mauri. This marks the start of an intense friendship. Throughout her life Carol writes long letters to Silvana. Once back in New York and bent on becoming a writer, Carol is overcome by the competition, the cult for success and money. The troubled existence she is to lead is marked by unsuitable romances and loneliness, only relieved by memories of the happy times spent in Rome, frozen in a constant present that does not progress.


Comisso Prize 2013 finalist


Comisso Prize 2013 finalist


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