Patrizia Zappa Mulas Patrizia Zappa Mulas

Beloved tiger

  • (Tigre adorata)
  • pages: 40 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/07/2006
Patrizia Zappa Mulas Patrizia Zappa Mulas


An encounter, a memory, an adventure. The narrator meets Annalisa, a friend she hasn’t seen in twenty years. “As a girl she had been a beauty. A gorgeous boy, I would say”. The meeting takes place in a café in Rome, but the coffee stretches into an afternoon tea, then a dinner and the evening goes on, while words reconstruct a life and an ambiguous subtle seduction. Like Othello conquering Desdemona with the tale of his adventure, Annalisa tells of her love affairs, her cruel, relentless, passionate conquests. In particular, she tells of a female conquest brought to its conclusion when, like Kirkegaard’s don Juan, “there’s nothing left to teach her”. An extraordinary short story, a brilliant character, an emotion.


Film rights sold to: AKS (All Kind of Stuff).