Mila Venturini Mila Venturini

Love is not worthwile

  • pages: 248 - 10X15
  • published: 05/06/2014
Mila Venturini Mila Venturini


“Just as we can quit heroin, we can also stop falling in love.”

The professor wrote on the board three words in large capital letters: Smell - Position - Appearance. “Practice controlling these three factors and you'll have a chance to save yourselves.”

Serpieri is disappointed in love. His marriage has failed leaving a deep mark in him. He is also a philosophy teacher at a high school, and – inspired by his personal ethical position – he offers his pupils a new program for the year, titled “The hazardous effects of love on younger generations”. The students are initially puzzled but they soon grow enthusiastic. There are few rules, but all have been certified by the personal experience of the professor. He teaches them how to avoid looking into the eyes of the person that they find interesting, and how to tactfully spray them with pigeon repellent. Pupils practice with zeal and begin to put his teachings into practice, yet the question still remains open: is it really true that “love is not worthwhile”? From Mila Venturini a fun new novel about love and its dangers.

Comments on “Two of everything and a suitcase”:

“An extraordinary irony, a lively narrative.” Florinda Fiamma, Flair

“Start reading and you'll love the main character.” Cristina De Stefano, Elle

“Modern and touching.” Valeria Parrella, Grazia


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