Laura Barile legge Amelia Rosselli Laura Barile

Laura Barile reads Amelia Rosselli

  • (Laura Barile legge Amelia Rosselli)
  • pages: 184 - 10X15
  • published: 04/09/2014
Laura Barile Laura Barile


Amelia Rosselli was a great poet of the twentieth century, who
disrupted many traditional patterns and forms. The explosive
force of her work and her “squinting” language and music have
enthralled readers and poets and inspired countless specialized
studies. Laura Barile helps us interpret some of Amelia’s
major works: La libellula, some Variazioni belliche and other
compositions. In her essay Laura Basile tries to figure out two
things: first of all what Amelia’s poems are saying, and secondly
“how” they say what they say (and why they say it as they do).
She helps, in short, to solve the wonderful puzzle of a poetry
that readers find difficult yet immediately touching, a stormy and
joyful poetry that talks about things that concern us all: Eros and
Death, of which we catch a glimpse without really seeing them.
A work that the British call “close reading” and the French
“text explanation” (explication du texte): an act of love, that
adheres to the poetic text and provides a key to dealing with
the obscurity of poems that no one comprehends but everyone
understands, just as modern art or music. This book opens the
series “readings” within the series sassi nello stagno.