Giuseppina Torregrossa Giuseppina Torregrossa

To Santiago with Celeste

  • pages: 98 - 14X20
  • published: 28/11/2014
Giuseppina Torregrossa Giuseppina Torregrossa


“The pilgrimage as a quest for lightness, narrated through
the gradual lightening of the backpack, of the equipment for
existence”. la Repubblica

To Santiago with Celeste is the story of a three hundred kilometers journey, eleven days, a long bad mood and a scarf.
The path starts off with a filled backpack and ends with an empty one. From Rome to Santiago, by train, on foot (and
by taxi-cabs too), stopping by hostels and shelters, SPAs and
pools, it’s the pilgrimage on one of Christianity’s classic route
walked by the writer and her friend Celeste: a journey mate
“is not the one you get by chance or the one you chose, but
the one you find next to you at the end”. The time window
between departure and return becomes a spiritual, sentimental and physical lapse, the thoughtful and amused transition from impatience to recognition.

“The journal of Giuseppina Torregrossa is sincere, lovely, ironic, goes straight to the end of the journey”. Il Foglio

“The Sicilian writer – with the irony and the wisdom we’re acquainted through her novels – tells her personal journey in her heart of darkness”. il Venerdì di Repubblica


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