Marco Belpoliti Marco Belpoliti

The photograph of Moro

  • (La foto di Moro)
  • pages: 44 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/03/2008
Marco Belpoliti Marco Belpoliti


Marco Belpoliti examines the two photographs of Aldo Moro that the Red Brigades released, respectively, as testimony of his captivity and as proof that he was still alive – on March 19, 1978, three days after his kidnapping, and on Friday, April 21. In the former, the statesman’s face appears tired and resigned, his head inclined and his shirt collar unbuttoned. The achieved effect is that of lowering a man of power to the status of a common man, almost as if he were a dethroned sovereign, capturing him in a private, almost intimate pose. On April 21 the newspapers published a kind of “meta” photograph, in which Moro holds a copy of La Repubblica from April 19. The headline reads: “Moro assassinated?”


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