Carla Vasio Carla Vasio

Small obstacles to happiness

  • published: 23/07/2015
Carla Vasio Carla Vasio


Children playing in the darkness of their room. Flies coming in with the hot summer sun to disturb a lunch. Withering dialogues between couples or strangers. Short stories that open up the view like coloured and crisp snapshots where light and darkness clearly reveal one another. Vasio’s characters are caught up by sudden tiny mysteries, small scratches in an ordinary day: a forgotten tennis shoe in a crowded place, a hundred snails escaping from a basket, two eggs in a bowl. There is an anxiety, almost a panic, when the surface of things is cracked. Vasio weaves her stories with a smiling love for words, a sovereign indifference to what should or should not be said.

“Stories that are clues, backlit images, perplexities to be avoided, obstacles to be removed in order to grasp a little calm”. la Repubblica

“A crystal clear language that makes you feel the mysterious and delicate place where the obvious and the unintelligible meet”. Corriere della Sera


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