Ginevra Lamberti Ginevra Lamberti

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  • published: 17/09/2015
Ginevra Lamberti Ginevra Lamberti


In the valley where she lives, the main problem is that Gaia gets bored. In her steady present, many people drop by: granddad-from-downstairs, grandma-from-upstairs, her mother, who divorced for an excess of removals and her father, who has traces of lungs left in his nicotine and always feels like making jokes. Since Gaia hasn’t got enough money to go on a worldwide trip to cut the globe in two, so it might open and let her find what she is missing, she then moves to the most beautiful lagoon in the world. She has petty jobs, her father gets ill, her grandparents get old and Venice is just a fake background for tourists’ selfies. With such a peculiar and witty tone, Lamberti tells about a generation that attempts to make up a future as far as possible from the absurd present but finds it sunken in the high water.

“Pessimistic blast and Beckettian animosity at the time of Twitter. Where’s the future? You just can’t find it”. la Repubblica

“A thirty-year-old woman with a very peculiar tone tells about a generation that searches for a future that is sunken in high water”. marie claire

“A kind of writing that with a little shift of your gaze might make you giggle, but cannot hide the discomfort”. La tribuna



Serpent à plumes (France)


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