Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben

Pulcinella or Fun for children

  • pages: 142 - 14X20
  • published: 10/11/2015
Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben


Pulcinella’s secret: the comedy of life has no secrets, but only, at all times, a way out.

Pulcinella’s lesson: one can only act beyond – or afore – action, one can only speak beyond – or afore – words, one can only live beyond – or afore – life.

Giorgio Agamben


Pulcinella or Fun for childrenis the title of Domenico Tiepolo’s album that depicts the life, adventures, death and resurrection of Pulcinella. But who is Pulcinella? Is he a man, a demon or a god? What does he hide behind his black mask? And what is the connection between philosophy and comedy? Just like Tiepolo at the end of his life, Agamben seems to use the enigmatic figure of Pulcinella to connect the various threads of his thought, creating a kind of imaginary philosophical autobiography. Perhaps comedy is not only more profound and ancient than tragedy, but it is also closer to philosophy – so close in fact that, as in this book, it almost merges with it.


SchirmerMosel (Germany), Seagull (world English), Macula (France), Autêntica (Brazil), Chongqing UP (China), Adriana Hidalgo (world Spanish)


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