Margherita Morgantin Margherita Morgantin


  • pages: 148 - 14X20
  • published: 05/02/2016
Margherita Morgantin Margherita Morgantin


 With lightness and irony Margherita Morgantin uses her drawings to face some aphorisms taken from Wittgenstein’s On Certainty. And while patrolling the statute of certainty and common sense, the limits of knowledge and the weight of doubt, the intersection of beliefs and conventions, the artist’s visual imagination moves acrobatically on the edge of the philosopher’s words.

In reading Wittgenstein we grasp a clarification that better confuses us. And this is what Morgantin’s visual “captions” do. They “confuse” with the words and somehow, in various ways, they bring an explanation back to light. Not one single meaning among the many possible ones, but many possible ones among the impossible

“What is the relationship between Margherita and Ludwig? Answer: the two play, as brother and sister. They do not argue, they do not have sex, he does not play the role of Master, and they understand each other. Whoever looks at them understands and does not understand, she mimics him but then she directs him and makes fun of him” Luisa Muraro


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