Laura Lepetit Laura Lepetit

Autobiography of a distracted feminist

  • pages: 128 - 14X20
  • published: 04/03/2016
Laura Lepetit Laura Lepetit


 With each chapter centred on a book surrounded by meetings, anecdotes and reflections, Laura Lepetit tells her story and that of her publishing house, La Tartaruga. An autobiography built like a portrait gallery, including her friends and authors, forming together an almost entirely feminine community.

Laura Lepetit has created and directed one of the most amazing Italian publishing houses: La Tartaruga. An editor that published only women authors, based on literary, not only political, criteria and that has helped promote many of the greatest writers of our time: Doris Lessing, Alice Munro, Gertrude Stein, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, to mention only a few. Laura used to act with the same distracted grace with which she now tells us about her “paper adventures” and her life: the experience of feminism with Carla Lonzi, the travels to meet her authors, Radio Popolare, the Libreria delle Donne, the cats and horses. Everything and everyone becomes part of her narration, of her ‘distracted’ considerations, a target of her humorous and candid gaze. A book made of meetings, friendships, epiphanies that have marked the cultural and Italian publishing history set in the background of a Milan in its most lively, cultured and European years.


“Laura Lepetit has sorted out a lifetime of memories and emotions. There is something light when she writes.”

La Repubblica


“This memoir has a simplicity and grace from another time.”

Il Manifesto


Dalkey Archive Press (world English)


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