Erri De Luca Erri De Luca

But without knowing

  • (Senza sapere invece)
  • pages: 32 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/10/2008
Erri De Luca Erri De Luca


In Senza sapere invece the ‘68 is told by one of its most representative and
critical members. Through Erri de Luca’s memories we experience the
birth of a revolutionary, a man who is greatly touched while fighting his first
strikes, and who discovers what a great act of justice is to send the smokegrenades
back to the one who fired them. Worker’s labour, communism, the
sudden throb of blood that stands against arrogance announce the rising of
public awareness, of a generation of marplots which starts hurling abuse at
the paternal authority.