Giorgio Ghiotti Giorgio Ghiotti

Swallows for ants

  • pages: 148 - 14X20
  • published: 22/04/2016
Giorgio Ghiotti Giorgio Ghiotti


 Tommaso and Nicole Ciabatti are siblings and accomplices. They live in Rome in a nice house in which, however, the father has fled and the mother has gone crazy. Tommaso and Nicole study and take care of their parents, responsibly and carefully as children sometimes do. Of course, they see things that others do not see, and they fall in love with animals that no one caresses, with people who no one looks at, they read books that others ignore, they look out of the windows towards a seductive Rome and they read newspapers aloud to embed their family events in a collective space and time - the Parmalat crash, the death of Amelia Rosselli, the attack on the Twin Towers. Their childhood extends into adolescence and adulthood when Tommaso falls in love first with Michele and then with Luca, while Nicole dives into her studies as if they were the sea, with the same lightness.

As Prevert’s youngsters, those of Giorgio Ghiotti, “kiss standing and they are not there for anyone” but basically, they do not always have a bed in which to lie down and embrace.

In his debut novel, Giorgio Ghiotti - with a dream-like and visionary pitch – tells the stories of women, knights, arms and loves of the youngsters sitting on their scooter, running through streets and alleys, growing into adults.


Praises for God played football:

He writes as he breathes and his is breath is powerful and wide ranging yet balanced; essential because it reflects an urgent need to be heard... The substance of his writing is profound and aware”.

Sandra Petrignani, l’Unità


“Resounding throughout is the mood of a strange, fast-burning and contorted era where experiences seem to dilate... Ghiotti jumps in at the deep end with his writing, ready to risk all”.

Leonetta Bentivoglio, la Repubblica


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