Luca Molinari Luca Molinari

The houses we are

  • pages: 110 - 14x 20
  • published: 06/05/2016
Luca Molinari Luca Molinari




 “Home is a word that we never question, yet its nature is changing. I believe that going back to reflect on the profound meaning of this term for each of us is important in order to rediscover the value of one of the foundations of our private and public life”. Luca Molinari

The stable of baby Jesus and the Cabanon of Le Corbusier. The houses of the Three Little Pigs and the glass house, which starts off as being avantgarde and democratic to become the Panopticon or the Big Brother house. The house as a material good that belongs to us, young bourgeois dream, up to Bill Gates or Silvio Berlusconi’s villas. The collective house or the cooperative home, the townhouse, co-housing and the common house. From 7 days by Buster Keaton to the houses in TV series, from Happy Days to Desperate Housewives. The moving house, the trailer home and the house with no roots. The house of privacy and the closed house, the house of dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde, the Raumplan by Adolf Loos, the Ikea house.

Starting from a real home, where you can walk in, and returning to the concept of a space to live in, Luca Molinari tells us which home we are and we were, which house we should or we could be in our current time in which public spaces are continuously discussed, because without houses there is no architecture.


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