Mila Venturini Mila Venturini

London for family

  • pages: 240 - 14X20
  • published: 16/06/2016
Mila Venturini Mila Venturini


 While the dreams of a happy, committed and fulfilling life fall apart for three former radical-chic couples, six teenagers declare war on them. With great observation powers, a glossy malice and a merciless sense of irony, Mila Venturini recounts what happens when the forty-years crisis comes to terms with teenage youngsters.

Christmas holidays 2009. Five parents who know each other since high school, with six children in tow and a dog, gather in an elegant London house that will soon transform into a fighting ground: excursions and games around the fire, the typical activities of a peaceful Christmas, give way to mysterious sabotages, crisis of neurasthenia and fatal accidents. The incredible adventures of this holiday come to life, through the years, in the memory of some of the members of this extended family. Among tottering marriages and children breaking parenting chains, the focus of the story revolves ultimately around a single dilemma: is it possible for parents to understand the desires, inclinations and concerns of children undergoing a pre-adolescent crisis? The answer is: of course, as long as they are not their own children.


Praises for Love is not worthwhile:

“The author fully reaffirms herself with a light and breezy comedy that could replicate D’Avenia’s success among younger generations, while – as in his case – also pleasing more mature readers.”

Cristina De Stefano, Elle


“A book that praises normality and daily life. A story that propels us into a pastel-coloured world.”

Il Tempo


“A funny and smart author that can put her words at the service of her stories.”

Valeria Parrella


“A lovely novel to discover that it is always worth loving.”

Tu Style



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