Ida Amlesù Ida Amlesu


  • pages: 148 - 14X20
  • published: 12/01/2017
Ida Amlesu Ida Amlesu


A young woman, whom we will never know by name, provides a disenchanted commentary of her life: her bizarre childhood in the parental home, some friendly monsters and conversations with objects, the belief to be already dead and the search for a hidden and secret time that goes beyond daily routines. She tells of the fleeing of her father, of her loneliness and of the books, of her love for the mysterious musician Volodja, of her failed and tragicomic suicide, of her insomnia and scepticism towards employment, of her sudden departure to Russia in search of Volodja and her disillusionment, of her encounter with the Devil in Petersburg and finally of her arrival in Saratov. In the journey from her childhood to her sketchy and extremely human self-knowledge, she is accompanied by a number of remarkable characters: Marx’s ghost, San Catello, the talking cat Varenucha, an egg-shaped god, and a dancing devil.

A comic and tragic, grotesque and realistic debut. A miscellaneous. Just like the young author, who has moved her first steps inventing a biography which is dangerously close to her real life.


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