Mario Fortunato Mario Fortunato

Some afternoons never end

  • (Certi pomeriggi non passano mai)
  • pages: 52 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/04/2009
Mario Fortunato Mario Fortunato


“Written by someone who is maniacally punctual, what does this sentence mean: ‘I’ll drop by in the early afternoon’? What is the early afternoon, when does it begin and end?” A man is waiting at home for the person he loves but this person, though punctual and precise, doesn’t show up. The minutes and hours go by. The outlines of an overwhelming and unusual passion emerge during this period of waiting. But nobody comes. What has happened? If Roland Barthes with A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments fixed the fatal identity of the person in love in the figure of expectation, with Certi pomeriggi non passano mai Mario Fortunato gives us the story alive and experienced – that mixture of actions, thoughts and words that make every lover the most unreasonable but also the most lucid being possible.


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