Luca Scarlini Luca Scarlini

Love theatres

  • pages: 312 - 14X20
  • published: 08/02/2018
Luca Scarlini Luca Scarlini


Houses always retain some memory of their passing inhabitants, guarding their stories through time. This book gives an account of the cultural life in Rome between the 1800s and the 1900s through views and facts, through a detailed yet improbable map, in a well documented tour of passions and creations, displaying a large number of portraits and cameos.

The houses we are guided into are those that have been inhabited by couples of artists, intellectuals, actors, people from the film and fashion worlds. Rooms of one’s own in which to write and create in peace, but also stormy shelters for stormy lives: walls that have inspired poems and novels, that have presented paintings and portraits which today are found in museums. Streets that bear the names of those who used to be guests in those same houses. You will hear the resonating disputes between Giacomo Leopardi and Antonio Ranieri, the theological disquisitions of Cristina Campo and Elémire Zolla, the Dionysian lunges of Friedrich Nietzsche and Lou Andreas-Salomé. All in the name of the most shameless amusement for the reader guided by the author’s ability in bringing back to life those private theatres of love, art and politics.

Beautiful black&white drawings by Alvise Bittente are included in this book.


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