Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben

What is a device?

  • (Che cos'è un dispositivo?)
  • pages: 40 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/10/2006
Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben


The proliferation and accumulation of all sorts of “devices” is part of the world we live in, to such an extent that our minds and way of life are informed, controlled or contaminated by them. Be it a mobile phone, TV, computer or car, behind all devices and their pervasiveness lies in fact our longing for happiness: their specific power actually resides in their ability to take over this strong desire. Devices do not stand as mere neutral objects of consumption: on the contrary they can influence and even mould the user’s personality. How can we tackle the situation, what strategy can we develop in our daily struggle with devices? In this book the author and philosopher stresses how important is for us to address these pressing issues.


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