Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben

The Friend

  • (L'amico)
  • pages: 24 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/09/2007
Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben


The friend, always so intimately linked with philosophy as to be part of its very name (philos is Greek for friend), has now become something like a bothersome and clandestine partner that we find it hard to recognise or think about. Going swiftly back to Aristotle, Agamben rediscovers the place of friendship not in the relationship between two individuals but in the very sensation of existing, like a sharing and an empathy whose pleasantness makes its mark on living itself. With a friend we don’t just share something (a place, a law, a tradition), we share life itself. This is why the friend is “another I”, this is why friendship opens up the space of a community and a politics that precedes any identity and shared experience.


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