Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben

The Church and the Kingdom

  • (La Chiesa e il Regno)
  • pages: 40 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/04/2010
Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben


In Christian theology hell is the only institution without end or respite. This is why the current political model, which tends towards a limitless economy of the world, is precisely infernal. If the Church loses its messianic vocation and its relationship with the end of time, it can only be dragged into the ruin that threatens all governments and institutions on earth today. This lecture, delivered at the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris on 8th March 2009, is a meditation on the political meaning of ultimate things.


Merve (Germany), PekingUP (China), Humanitas (Romania), Seagull (UK/USA), Adriana Hidalgo (South America), Adresa (Serbia), Moonji (Korea), Anagrama (Spain - Mexico), Eskaton (Sweden), Duh i litera (Russia), Ayiné (Brazil)


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