Elisabetta Rasy Elisabetta Rasy

Write me

  • (Scrivimi)
  • pages: 40 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/03/2011
Elisabetta Rasy Elisabetta Rasy


From a strong sporty child, Uncle Enrico grows up to be a handsome and meticulous man. Over the years however he becomes a ghost of tired flesh and muscles. His gradual decline reminds his nephew of the dignified anguish of a neglected old cat. Realizing his need for companionship and concerned about his solitary existence the narrator looks for someone to care for what little is left of his life. Two women are found to attend him day and night: Armida, strong and rugged as a man, and the young Isabel from Concepción, whose mouth is always closed in a silent smile. Yet it is this girl from Tierra del Fuego who finds the words to accompany Enrico through the night… words lost through love and betrayal, an experience that links the two characters.