Nella Zanotti Nella Zanotti

Every dish has a silver lining

  • (Tutto il male vien per cuocere)
  • pages: 176 - 20X20
  • published: 01/10/2006
Nella Zanotti Nella Zanotti


“Speak like you eat,” they say. But how do you eat? Along with your own vices, your weaknesses, your passions… This cookery book starts with our vices and translates them into easy yet unusual recipes. Every single vice, linked to a series of gastronomic ideas, is described by a writer and illustrated by Jean Blanchaert, a witty imaginative illustrator. This book will satisfy the expert cooks, but also the enthusiastic novice; a simple path has been chosen: clear, detailed descriptions, cooking times, preparation steps and cooking temperature are precisely indicated. Each recipe avoids the accumulation of ingredients and complex methods, and the cabala of weights is replaced with simple measurements of spoons, teaspoons, glasses and teacups. 130 recipes suggested by our vices, so as to satisfy the most sinful among us. Each vice is described with liveliness and irony by an author.