Silvana Mauri Silvana Mauri

Portrait of an unintentional writer

  • (Ritratto di una scrittrice involontaria)
  • pages: 304 - 14x20
  • published: 01/04/2006
Silvana Mauri Silvana Mauri


Silvana Mauri was 86, and during her life all her friends and colleagues reproached her for not having produced any book. The truth is that Silvana Mauri, who has been an extraordinary storyteller all her life, has also written. In this beautiful collection, Rodolfo Montuoro reveals a writer who never intended to be one. It is not only the moving portrayal of an “unintentional” writer, it also brings entire worlds to life. In 1943 the publisher Valentino Bompiani asked her to join the publishing house and to keep a diary, where she would write about literary life in wartime Italy, the executions carried out in the streets, the Liberation Day, the establishment of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan... Over the years Silvana Mauri has collected her memories and dreams, the arrival at Bompiani of young promising writers as Umberto Eco or Cesare Zavattini, her friendship and collaboration with writers and actors, her deep regret at the loss of her close friend Pier Paolo Pasolini. Through the vivid account of her life, she conveys in her writing all the emotions of first-hand experience: the storyteller turns out to be also a great writer.


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