Gabriella Ripa di Meana Gabriella Ripa di Meana


  • (Lacune)
  • pages: 192 - 14x20
  • published: 01/03/2012
Gabriella Ripa di Meana Gabriella Ripa di Meana


Using fragments of discourse Gabriella Ripa di Meana deals with some of the essential dilemmas of our consciousness. These fragments have deliberately missing sections, or lacunae, in order to allow spaces and “cavities” to open up: thus invisible and revealing parts of the dialogue can emerge, as it happens in the daily life of a psychoanalyst. Symptoms are not only signs of something lacking that needs to be cured, but, precisely because they open fractures, they can represent resources and hope. These passages constitute the psyche’s most active nourishment. This work deals with topics such as identity, indifference, disaffection, mourning, reminiscences, lust, envy and oblivion. It is a narrative crossing of the lands of the mind made all the more fascinating by references to major authors, which set the pace of these incursions. “Minor excavations” that by means of their intentional incompleteness and open-endedness expose the reader to a “deeper and fully subjective understanding of things”.