Autori Vari Barbara Alberti, Alfonso Berardinelli, Gianrico Carofiglio, Luciana Castellina, Vittorio Lingiardi, Giuseppina Torregrossa, Franca Valeri

Love lessons

  • (Lezioni d'amore)
  • pages: 276 - 14x20
  • published: 01/06/2013
Barbara Alberti Barbara Alberti
Alfonso Berardinelli Alfonso Berardinelli
Gianrico Carofiglio Gianrico Carofiglio
Luciana Castellina Luciana Castellina
Vittorio Lingiardi Vittorio Lingiardi
Giuseppina Torregrossa Giuseppina Torregrossa
Franca Valeri Franca Valeri


Sandro Veronesi, Concita De Gregorio, Barbara Alberti, Franca Valeri, Luciana Castellina, Vittorio Lingiardi, Giuseppina Torregrossa, Gabriella Caramore, Gianrico Carofiglio, Alfonso Berardinelli: ten intellectuals use literature, philosophy and their own personal experiences to discuss love, that incandescent subject no one has ever succeeded in handling rationally. From procrastination to falling out of love, through the iciest or most ardent stages of the most common of feelings, these lessons explore every aspect of the yearning for reciprocation and the suffering that often derives from it. Is there a difference between gay and heterosexual love? Between love and passion? How do people deal with jealousy and betrayal? How do they handle separation? How long can people last out before they confess? Love lessons is the result of a series of highly popular encounters held at Teatro Tor di Nona in Rome in 2012.


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