Anna Basso e Andrea Moretti Anna Basso, Andrea Moretti

Without words

  • (Senza parola)
  • pages: 240 - 14x20
  • published: 01/04/2008
Anna Basso Anna Basso
Andrea Moretti Andrea Moretti


How can one live after becoming “speechless”? Suddenly unable to
communicate with friends, children, parents; deprived of one’s familial and
social role; looked upon with incomprehension and suspicion?
In this book by Anna Basso, Marta and Andrea tell their stories. Cerebral
injury left them aphasic, no longer able to use language, even though
their intellectual capacities were intact. Marta, a wife and mother of three
children, recounts her slow and arduous recovery towards relative selfsufficiency
in everyday life. Andrea is a young man full of enthusiasm for life
who woke up one day in the hospital with no idea of what had happened.
He has slowly recovered, and in this book he describes each small victory
with joy.
These two human, dramatic and moving testimonies, told with a light touch,
give us a glimpse into a world unknown to most.