Gianfranco Bettin Gianfranco Bettin

The climate is out of joint

  • (Il clima è fuori dai gangheri)
  • pages: 64 - 10,5X14,8
  • published: 01/04/2004
Gianfranco Bettin Gianfranco Bettin


It will be a hot summer – like last summer, ferocious and inflexible – but it was also very cold last winter. And there have been floods and droughts, of droughts, indeed, is dying a great part of the world (and from dried out lands millions are fleeing). It is after all true that “seasons are not anymore what they used to be”. And they have changed in such a way that produces uncertainty, anxiety, death and panic. The climate has lost its temper deals with this intemperance of the climate, it leads it back to human action. The book argues that this is in the hands of the ruling class which in the key-countries of the planet pay no heed to this worrying issue, on the contrary they are deeply bound to voracious business lobbies. The irrationality of this system makes it dramatically pressing to reinstate a balance. This can be achieved through the safeguard of common goods and resources (such as air, water, soil), as well as through the endorsement of biodiversity, that is to say the variety of life (a variety that needs to be protected also culturally, against any “monoculture of the mind”); and finally it can be achieved through the reversal of the current climatic trend. Il clima è fuori dai gangheri is a short essay, in the popular style of a pamphlet, it uses an evocative language that finds its starting point in Hamlet’s “The time is out of joint”, in that “damned lot” that as it laid heavy on the young Danish Prince it does today on anyone who is conscious of being “born to set it right, the time”, the climate.