Maurizio Bettini Maurizio Bettini

Authentic murder

  • (Autentico assassinio)
  • pages: 104 - 14x20
  • published: 01/05/2007
Maurizio Bettini Maurizio Bettini


A man’s wife leaves him. His house has been emptied of everything except a book, Voltaire’s Candide. With nothing else to do he reads and rereads the book and then reads and rereads the title-page. Here he makes an extraordinary discovery: Candide was not written by Voltaire. Having stumbled on the most important literary scoop of the last few centuries the man, a teacher, sets out in search of the mysterious author. In a frenetic philologicaldetective investigation that takes him to Yale University library he goes from revelation to revelation until the final astounding discovery that revolutionizes the entire history of literature. This short novel by the well known scholar and writer Maurizio Bettini takes us on a dissolute and irreverent philological foray, written with brilliant irony and backed up by an erudition that is as meticulous as it is imaginative. A satire of academic no less than of married life, and of the illusions and disappointments that all the world’s Candides come up against.


Guerriero di Capestrano Award (2007).