Daniele Mencarelli Daniele Mencarelli

Bambino Gesú

  • (Bambino Gesú)
  • pages: 112 - 10,5 x 14,8
  • published: 01/03/2010
Daniele Mencarelli Daniele Mencarelli


The glows of childhood, the secrets that time opens up for an instant: Mencarelli’s poetry is made of this. Side by side with his Roman childhood, its games, its corners, landscapes and faces irrevocably transformed by time, the themes of Mencarelli’s poetry also belong to his present: stories and people and small details of life to which his poems bear witness – “in a corner there’s someone writing / his life is made of yours”. Intense pages are dedicated to the Bambino Gesú Children’s Hospital in Rome, where he worked as an orderly.


Atri Award 2010. Shortlisted for the Luzi Award 2010. Shortlisted for the Baghetta Award 2010. Shortlisted for the Brancati Award 2010. Shortlisted for the Frascati Award 2010.


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