Valeria Brignani Valeria Brignani

Discount or die

  • (Discount or die)
  • pages: 252 - 14x20
  • published: 01/05/2012
Valeria Brignani Valeria Brignani


Knowing how to shop at the discount store is an art. Steering a course between endless sub-brands, whether unknown or imitations, is as insidious as writing a poem: the result is either horrendous or sublime, with nothing in between. Discount or Die started as a blog where people could share experiences. Its aim was to create an archive of excellence and junk in the discount stores and in the world of sub-brands in Italy and abroad. It has now however become the guide to the hard discount galaxy. Quality, price, accessibility, taste, comparison, analysis… Shelf after shelf, jar after jar, Valeria Brignani has compiled the grand tour: food and revolutionary home economics for all those who not only are not slaves to brand names but who have to mediate daily between their own personal taste and availability of pocket. Discount or Die is an entertaining diary of recipes, considerations, recollections, anecdotes and tips on the best buys.


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