Laura Fidaleo Laura Fidaleo

Give me a place among the lambs

  • (Dammi un posto tra gli agnelli)
  • pages: 144 - 14x20
  • published: 01/10/2012
Laura Fidaleo Laura Fidaleo


“Stories that revolve around a deeply touching hunger for love.
Visionary and arresting”. Io donna

“Her short stories speak of “famine ”for love in a sober,
minimalist language that describes the minor details and
gestures that worm their way to the very root of our most
tremulous need for affection”. Left

“Stories to be read like poetry or chunks of writing; their voids
and unexpected starts of new lines speak louder than their
words.” la Repubblica

Not only people have been children but things as well, and time. And so, somewhere, in a pocket perhaps, we carry with us some sort of misdemeanour: a little trick, a lie, having ratted on someone… This is why the places that appear in Laura Fidaleo’s stories are those of a wild, daredevil childhood, a world that is naughty and wonderful. Every page is a dark well to gaze into, throw a stone and wait for the echo or a glint of rippling water.
Dammi un posto tra gli agnelli is a wealth of objects, feelings and prayers in a life that seems reserved for others; it is a story of hesitations and follies, gentle and sharp, unforgettably poignant but full of humour, just tragic enough to be comic.


Premio Bagutta Opera Prima 2013


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