Elisa Ruotolo Elisa Ruotolo

I stole the rain

  • (Ho rubato la pioggia)
  • pages: 164 - 14x20
  • published: 01/05/2010
Elisa Ruotolo Elisa Ruotolo


Elisa Ruotolo’s Ho rubato la pioggia is the fresco of a superstitious Campania province. Stories of people who live among bottles of fizzy drinks, tin trophies from local tournaments and gold sold at home. The motherless boy in “Guardami” lives with his father and with Silvia, a girl who lives by cleaning other people’s houses. Cesare, who is too shy to make himself understood, falls in love with her but cannot say so.  In “Io sono Molto Leggenda” a constantly losing soccer team wins when the trainer’s son substitutes the centre-forward, and they start calling him Molto Leggenda (Much Legend). A talent spotter for a major club signs him up but the boy loses himself in the big league. “Il bambino è tornato a casa” tells of two sisters who dream along with South American telenovelas, and of Matteo, a child who disappears and may come back one day. Elisa Ruotolo has a true narrative gift. It is a rare thing today to find a debuting author with both writing skill and stories to tell. This happened to her.



Frisch&Co (UK/USA).


Shortlisted for the Carlo Cocito Award 2010. Nominated for the Renato Fucini Award 2010. Shortlisted for the Faleno Award 2010


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