Gianni Celati Gianni Celati

Lives of grazers. Three short stories

  • (Vite di pascolanti. Tre racconti)
  • pages: 140 - 10,5 x 14,8
  • published: 01/02/2006
Gianni Celati Gianni Celati


These short stories by Gianni Celati deal with the lives of a group of school students. These young males, shy and constantly hungry for sex, live in a small-town world where they “graze” the streets at night, talking about philosophy and sex. In this world women are the objects of the young men’s reckless and incredulous desire. A thought is endless rumination, success and failure hinge on one word, or a shrugging of shoulders. The “grazers” walk very uncertain ground: as soon as Zoffi gets his first date with Urania, he “realizes that the ground beneath his feet has vanished and in its place there is only the insubstantial reality of nothingness”. Comic and dark, with his light touch Celati persuades us that this world has always been our own, the world of those who get lost. “I’d like to know where everybody has gone, whether we really existed, whether this is life”.


Rights sold to: Periferica (Spain), Wagenbach(Germany).


Viareggio Award 2006.