Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben


  • (Nudità)
  • pages: 172 - 14x20
  • published: 01/02/2009
Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben


In this collection of short essays Giorgio Agamben addresses the most urgent and current themes of his research. From celebrations, surprisingly linked with contemporary bulimia, to nudity, whose hidden theological implications are examined. From the glorious bodies of the beatified, who neither eat nor make love, to idleness as a paradigm of human action. The point of convergence of all these topics is politics, which is to say the threshold where theory and practice, the archaic and the contemporary, fully coincide and where the only writing that exists is the kind that has burnt all traces of itself. It is at once philosophy and literature, digression and philological chart, metaphysical treatise and missive on social customs.


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