Gaja Cenciarelli Gaja Cenciarelli

Of her own flesh and blood

  • (Sangue del suo sangue)
  • pages: 352 - 14x20
  • published: 01/05/2011
Gaja Cenciarelli Gaja Cenciarelli


Margherita is the daughter of Rodolfo Scarabosio, a Carabinieri General murdered in Torino by the Red Brigades in 1986. The General had been abusing her with the tacit consent of his wife and of Massimiliano, Margherita’s brother. Massimiliano keeps harassing her after his father’s and mother’s death. Margherita is in love with her ambitious friend Pierfrancesco, who is longing to rise to power. Pierfrancesco moves to Rome and, a few years later, calls her to propose an important job. Margherita finds herself president of the Committee for the Families of Victims Killed by the Red Brigades, founded by Bruno Chialastri, a Right candidate at the 2006 elections. She accepts the role hoping to escape from her life. Camilla Baravelli, personal assistant to Chialastri, is a member of a Red Brigade-inspired group, which is planning to kill him. Margherita unwittingly becomes the pivot of the political ambitions and power frames of them all, who eventually meet together in a bloody face to face.


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