Sandra Petrignani Sandra Petrignani

Painful reflections of the heart

  • (Dolorose considerazioni del cuore)
  • pages: 188 - 14x20
  • published: 01/01/2009
Sandra Petrignani Sandra Petrignani


In an attempt to talk about herself with Victoria, a friend lost and found again, and to understand the reasons behind their brusque split-up that lasted three years, Tina brings out pieces from unfinished novels written during this period. She mixes them up with the testimony of an unbearable present in which looking after her old parents, embittered by their unhappy relationship, brings out her devastating childhood sufferings. What emerges is the “autobiography of a borderline case” who has had a stormy love life and suffered repeated existential blows. Yet the sky remains high over the ruins and things can be put together again. Both friendship and the complicated mosaic of life. An intense and agonizing novel about the delicacy of feelings and the difficulty in knowing oneself.


Shortlisted for the Palmi Award 2009.


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