Clio Pizzingrilli Clio Pizzingrilli

Portrait of an armchair

  • (Ritratto di una poltrona)
  • pages: 152 - 14x20
  • published: 01/10/2009
Clio Pizzingrilli Clio Pizzingrilli


“Pizzingrilli’s previous novels portrayed the epos of a small and chaotic society, anonymous yet full of nicknames, unidentified yet dense with grimaces and faces. However, in the buzz of this teeming multitude, one could see a genuine political thirst, something like the map of a future city, clear yet unreadable, so exotic as to seem familiar. In this amazing new novel, once again set in the city “whose name tells the place-that-fits-to-happiness”, people have disappeared and the political vocation has vanished. The map is torn. The rhythm and movements of epic give way to the detailed plots of a mystery novel. The vastness of the political project makes space for dark cabals and conspiracies that, as in all mystery novels, culminate in a murder, relentlessly consumed and at the same time undeniably failed. Beyond the gray, pale mannequins of the conspirators and the delirious voice of the narrator who meticulously exposes “the reasons for his crime”, the story approaches its end and the true protagonist of the book emerges, as both executioner and victim, cop and Mabuse, a non-human allegory of our empty cities: an armchair.”

Giorgio Agamben


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