Elisa Ruotolo Elisa Ruotolo

Protect us, anywhere

  • (Ovunque, proteggici)
  • pages: 328 - 14x20
  • published: 20/03/2014
Elisa Ruotolo Elisa Ruotolo


Elisa Ruotolo is back with a novel that runs along the arc of a
century: the story of a family and of its shame.
On an ordinary day Lorenzo Girosa, in his fifties and alone
after the wreck of his family, receives a letter in which someone
claims to know a secret that had ceased to haunt him since
years: a crime committed at the dawn of his teens. From here
the story of a buried past, of a family and of its large house,
generous in spaces but burdened by the bad luck of a childless
home. It is the story of Domenico, who emigrated to America
to seek a fortune in the early twentieth century and found
instead a life of crime. The story, of his son Nicola, who on the
death of his father, without a job or a talent, embarked for Italy
and settled as a stranger in an unfamiliar house, to become a
rude jester with shaded eyes, known to all as Blacmàn .
The one who picks up the threads is Lorenzo, son of Blacmàn,
who comes to Villa Girosa determined to protect the dark
shadows in his past.

“If it is true that we are architects of our own future, the
past is a family matter. Elisa Ruotolo wrote with wisdom and
intelligence, fabricating a novel that is bitter yet light, private
yet universal”. Dacia Maraini

“There is only one way of being contemporary and at the
same time embracing all the traditions of the ordinary until it
becomes extraordinary: great writing. Elisa Ruotolo is a great
writer”. Marcello Fois


Cambourakis (France)


Shortlisted for the Strega Award 2014

Book of the month Fahrenheit RaiRadio3

Shortlisted for Bottari Lattes Grinzane Prize 2015


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