Andrea Bajani Andrea Bajani

The fly and the funeral

  • (La mosca e il funerale)
  • pages: 80 - 10,5 x 14,8
  • published: 01/09/2012
Andrea Bajani Andrea Bajani


Nobody cries at the grandfather’s funeral, neither the men dressed as bodyguards nor the women dressed as sunflowers. Or rather only a desperate old man, perhaps an old friend or someone at the wrong funeral. The grandchild looks around in boredom, musing over what he sees. The priest pretends he is dead in a ploy to catch a fly, a coffin stands all alone like a car parked in the market by mistake, little sister Alice, parents and adults are all wrapped up in their own absurdity. This magnificent novella by Andrea Bajani starts as a challenge – with continuous writing that proceeds by association and leaps, with fingers never removed from the keyboard, or the reader’s eye from the page.