Elena Gianini Belotti Elena Gianini Belotti

The Last Christmas

  • (L’ultimo Natale)
  • pages: 72 - 10,5 x 14,8
  • published: 01/11/2012
Elena Gianini Belotti Elena Gianini Belotti


Christmas 1990, First Gulf War on the horizon. Four generations of the same family are grouped together in a large house where, as the days go by, very different lifestyles are forced to cohabit with varying degrees of success. Children who are already grandparents and grandparents who still feel like children, young and old do their best to celebrate everyday life and the festivities. Meanwhile, Granddad sits in an armchair and waits for dark. Alberto and Monica are fed up with parenthood, Matteo and Daniele are proof that the story of Cain and Abel had a certain following, and the aunt-narrator, who never wanted to have a family, tries desperately to endure her own. But, after all, every Christmas is the last. Perhaps… 


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