Paola Camassa Paola Camassa

The Powerful

  • (La Potente)
  • pages: 128 - 14x20
  • published: 31/01/2014
Paola Camassa Paola Camassa

Paola Camassa


What happens when an entire family ends up on a
psychoanalyst’s couch? The Powerful, the first novel by Paola
Camassa, is the story of a family, an adultery and a treachery. It
reveals the weaknesses and lies on which most of us build our
In a house with many rooms, stairs and balconies, and in a
cheerful and happy family, the drama of betrayal breaks out
between the parents. The daughters, grandparents, friends
and servants, and all witnesses to the event without exception,
remain dumbfounded by the revelation. The most incredulous
is one of the four girls, who still wants to believe in the strength
of the relationship between her parents and in their sexual
happiness. In The Powerful, Paola Camassa, denying the
neutrality of facts and the sequence with which they unfold,
depicts a tale of a deceitful drama in several acts, in which each
experiences his or her own dual, each capable of turning the
family dream into a melodrama.
“But the kiss on the lips between mom and dad was the most
awaited moment. The red lips protruded, Dad approached
them gazing into her eyes. The sisters looked elsewhere
resentfully. All the others were reassured. The little one smiled.
Dad trembled. From that kiss he measured his commitment in
the immediate future.”

Paola Camassa was born in Trapani. She lives in Palermo where she works as a psychoanalyst. The Powerful (La Potente) is her first novel.


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