Paolo Morelli Paolo Morelli

The removal

  • (Il trasloco)
  • pages: 176 - 14x20
  • published: 01/06/2010
Paolo Morelli Paolo Morelli


A man finds himself having to move from his old apartment into a new one. From this moment on his life takes an unexpected turn. Surrounded by a new and unfamiliar environment, he sleeps badly and his thoughts take on a mind of their own. He starts suffering from odd psychosomatic ailments and pains that shift from one part of his body to another, he acquires a limp... His computer behaves oddly, changing the words he writes. All manner of extraordinary adventures happen to him, which include escaping from the police over the rooftops of Rome, meeting unexpected characters and saying goodbye to friends who pass away without warning. This powerful novel hovers with surreal humour between the near traumatic experience of moving house and a grotesque comedy of the events that follow.


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