Mila Venturini Mila Venturini

Two of everything and a suitcase

  • (Due di tutto e una valigia)
  • pages: 172 - 14x20
  • published: 01/01/2010
Mila Venturini Mila Venturini


While Sara is in hospital, waiting for the outcome of her father’s operation, her own and her brother Tommi’s childhood unfold before her eyes, from the day when their mother and father brought them together to announce their imminent separation. From that moment, the nightmare of good intentions began for the two children. With mother crying on the one hand and father on the other inexhaustible in inventing solutions to reduce his own guilt feelings, the children are obliged to migrate every two days from one house to the other, mixing up pyjamas and T-shirts, forgetting jotters and schoolbooks, losing cats and finding embarrassing bras. But the kids don’t take long to discover the advantages of the situation: with two guilty parents, loving grandmas and defenceless nannies from East Europe, there are infinite possibilities of transgression. So their life goes on in the most dramatic comicality until the day when Sara, now twenty, finds herself in a hospital corridor in strange and unforeseeable company.


Shortlisted for the Gran Premio delle lettrici di Elle 2010


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