Alfonso Berardinelli Alfonso Berardinelli

What kind of intellectual are you?

  • (Che intellettuale sei?)
  • pages: 100 - 10,5 x 14,8 cm
  • published: 01/01/2011
Alfonso Berardinelli Alfonso Berardinelli


Intellectual independence appears nowadays not only as a challenge but as an increasingly perturbing anachronism. In his clear, aphoristic and lively style, the six chapters of this pamphlet define the intellectual of today and that of the past. Humorous and mildly selfparodying, Berardinelli describes its basic types (the Metaphysic, the Technician, the Critic) and the paradoxes of his or her public presence. The intellectuals paraded before us may be portrayed as categorical or changeable, but above all dual faced: on one hand part of a category and social group, on the other irreducible individuals in conflict with society and sociability, not to mention themselves. The author makes a return to the topic of ontological difference, the radical alterity between the intellectual and the politician, and between truth whose only aim is itself, and thought directed at a specific purpose.


Shortlisted for the Palmi Award 2011


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