Luca Molinari Luca Molinari

The homes that we are

  • traduzione: Joanna Durham
  • pagine: 102 - 14X20
  • ISBN: 9788874527458
  • Data Pubblicazione: 05/09/2018
  • collana: cronache

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Luca Molinari Luca Molinari

The homes that we are
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What do the house of the Three Little Pigs and Le Corbusier’s Cabanon have in common? And the transparent Farnsworth House, built by Mies van Rohe for a much loved woman, and the rooms of the Big Brother house?
Is the house still the first asset that we own or did the young bourgeois dream vanish along with the boom? What shape do houses take in the age of the sharing economy and of architectural multiplication imposed by the emergencies of war and migration? What influence has Ikea had on our perception of not only space, but life itself?
Using clear and accessible language, starting with the story of a real house (that you can go into) and ending with the physical and political space that we live in and need to re-examine, Luca Molinari tells us what kind of homes we are and have been and discusses the homes we should or could be, and above all he explains why without the home there can be no architecture.