Riccardo Corsi


  • (Draghi)
  • pages: 120 - 14x20
  • published: 01/01/2015


These stories are populated by famous and less famous dragons: Saint George’s dragon, that flung the saint into the mud with a flick of its tail; the one that took refuge in the statue of Giordano Bruno in Rome; the one that taught Adam and Eve the language of the world. But not all of Corsi’s Dragons are mythological animals. Sometimes they are insights, fires in the night, or clearings which open up unexpectedly.
Some fly like dragons, others simply exist like objects, others are ready to turn into ashes, like the embers of a cigarette. The last dragon is a sequence, a serpent of fragments, cherries, leftovers. The last is the tail of the dragon, with which the author accompanies the reader to a meadow where, as he himself writes, we can meet anything - because “meadows are full of opportunities”. Here we linger, fascinated and lost, like children in fairy tales.


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